Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mid Year Review

We are mid way through the year today, and this is what I call mid year reflections. We all made promises when the year came in, some of us broke those same promises weeks into the year. But for those who remained steadfast, think about how far you have come in achieving your short and long term goals.

I know throughout the months you have gotten caught in living life, and probably have not thought to say, 'I made some real progress in what I have been aiming for.' However, I am sure you have complained and moaned about how long one goal or another has taken

This applies to the bite off more than you can chew folks too. Those who are like me and take on many tasks, get overwhelmed, but still complete them while complaining. Other people usually bring things to our attention, because let's face it, we are our own worse critics. Just like you beat yourself up over stumbling blocks, I am here to tell you should also rejoice your successes occasionally. Think of this mid year review as your reminder.

Now I am off to focus on goal number whatever it is. Somethings happen faster than others, but the important things is they happen.

Cheers to Success,


  1. I couldn't agree more Tish. Its wonderful to stop,relax and reflect on how far we have come during the year. Life is a constant journey on the road to you and your destiny and even when encountering curves we must journey on to our ordained destination.

  2. Must keep reminding myself of this... Love you.

  3. I am someone who does has aspirations and seem to always lose them be-it on purpose or because of lack of planning or timing. I know I am tired of being a slacker and am working on rising above my slow progression to improvement. I thank goodness for the sane and inspirational people in my life, without them I know I wouldn't be able to see straight.