Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Last year I encouraged you all to stay clear of resolutions, because not sticking to them can cause feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Those are not inspiring feelings to kick off any year with. This year I further encourage you to do the same, but with a added twist. The majority of people over indulge in their favorite foods and then search for ways to purify their bodies after the holidays. But what about attempts to rid our lives of impurities? 

With each new year that you see, begin to look at is as more than a festive event, challenge yourself to think of every oncoming year as a new beginning. There are things that can change, others that may take longer to change, and some that cannot. Therefore, alter what you can like unhealthy friendships, intimate relationships. If you do not like your job but are not in a position to leave it, make the best of it while looking for other employment. 

The first step to this new outlook is identifying a problem. How do you identify the problem? If there is something or someone that you often complain about? Are there character traits that you have that you are uncomfortable with? The problems in these scenarios are clearly the source of the complaints. 

Lastly, think of ways to purge these problems from your life, or at least manage them. People, unlike things, can be the hardest to remove yourself from. As humans, we get attached to good times spent, experiences shared, and overall connectedness. However, if there exists an unhealthy pattern, do not ignore it, purge that negative energy from your life. To all my givers out there, it is certainly alright to give selflessly, be it time, resources, energy. What is not alright is when your selflessness is accepted with a lack of appreciation. 

The moral of this blog, do not ignore in 2014 what you thought were the problems of 2013. To do so is in essence reliving a year passed, wasting the precious gift of time, and bringing on bad health. It is a scientific fact that stress brings on all types of health issues. Let's dodge those unhealthy things that we do have control over.   

In Oneness,
Tish-Author of the popular novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

Friday, November 1, 2013

Networking- Networkconglomerate Style

Some people become intimidated by the idea of networking. They may understand it is a crucial part of meeting a business related goal, or life in general, but do not understand it involves strategic thought and planning.

Think of a particular business or professional goal you may have. What type of people and environments should you align yourself with that would be helpful in meeting this goal? For those of you who may not know how to go about looking for networking venues a simple internet search can help. Try connecting to groups of like minded people on or search for events on LinkedIn has been amazingly beneficial for me in terms of networking. Something simple like actually messaging the people whose request you accept or that you request, opens the doors to actual conversation. There are some people who judge the success of social media outlets by how many people they have on a page or site, and do not take the time to strike up conversations with the viable pool of resources they actually have. 

Let me reiterate, networking should be strategic and conducive to your intended goal. Every event does not have to be attended, and although, there are lots of free networking events, everything free isn't always conducive, just as fee based networking events do not always guarantee you will come out more connected than when you went in. It is all about balance.

Meeting new people can be intimidating, but remember be yourself. There is nothing wrong with sitting back and listening. However be mindful that appearing too reserved may make you appear standoffish, unapproachable or disinterested. Pay attention to the communication styles of others and pick up styles that attract you. Then incorporate them into your own style. Take notice that I said INCORPORATE not ABANDON your own style. Staying true to yourself is always key.

Most importantly, networking requires a level of reciprocity. Our dynamic life and business experiences make us knowledgeable about something. Do not allow that reprehensible word self-doubt overpower you. Confidently offer what you can to a conversation, while adding a warm smile and firm handshake to the mix. These simple steps I hope will take you a long way in your relationship building process.

Cheers to Success,
Tish-Author of the popular novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

Monday, October 28, 2013

Be Apart of an Inspiring Network

Last year I returned to college after 13 years to pursue a degree in Communications. I have many things going on in my life:  the constant demands of book promoting, the final edit for the release of the next novel, and what feels like the never ending saga of home remodeling.  Due to these pressures, I am often frustrated and venting to those in my inner circle about the many challenges I am juggling. The interesting thing is after the venting stops, I noticed I quickly revert to solution mode. And this may have been the case by habit, but I just became in tuned with that part of my personality.

Subsequently, I am apart of a network of doers, and people who collectively step up to the friend challenge in times of need. A group who utilizes each others strengths, struggles and weaknesses as both points of references and inspiration.  After all, we often forget that inspiration manifests itself in various forms, and someones struggles can be equally as inspiring as someones progress can spark ones drive. The plain truth is I could not go into solution mode if I were filled with self- doubt and discouraging people in my ear. Hence the importance of  surrounding yourself with people that inspire you.  

Sit still and think about the life you are living and the path you are on, even if it seems narrow. A narrower path can only persuade more keener, and direct focus; a broader path, although, filled with many options can also deter you.  Answers to our dilemmas are always nearer than we imagine in the moment, and an inspiring network can help you through the many challenges and struggles that come along with the blessing of being alive. Be inspired, strive to be an inspiration, but most importantly, be true to yourself.

In Harmonious Spirit,
Author of the popular novel
Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Power You Possess

I certainly hope 2013 has started off right for everyone. More importantly, I hope you took my advice and decided not to set "resolutions;" for those who did, I hope you managed to stick to them.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. day, I want to talk about power. He was a man who lived in an era of inequality, and paid for the beliefs and convictions regarding the love of his people, and humanity in general, with his life. He was a powerful man, because during his struggles, and carrying the weight of a race of people on his shoulders, he stood steadfast in his belief of non-violence as a means to bring about change. Part of his gift was being a great orator. He persuaded and inspired with his words.

We often look at others that hold certain positions as being powerful, but rarely do we look at the power we all possess as equivoke. All the mothers in the world are powerful, because something so natural as giving birth literally is powerful. Take the time to think about the fact that women nurture and provide sustenance in order for a child(ren) to grow and maintain its health while within the womb. Needless to say the process of childbirth in itself requires a certain inner strength, that makes me want to faint each time I think about it. Additionally, it has been scientifically proven that mothers inherit double strength when it comes to protecting their children in times of danger.

Gifts, talents, words, nuturing- all individuals are better at something than others, and it is a matter of finding out what that power is, honing it and sharing it with the world.  Molding it and making it profitable, or using it to uplift.

While we celebrate the life and legacy of a great man, take the time to acknowledge the power within you, and how you inspire others as well. Hone into your greatness and use it to the best of your ability.

Make productivity your signature,

Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, Better You

With each incoming year, many people rush to make a bunch of resolutions that will have been broken by the weeks end. I personally used to be one of those people, before actually breaking that cycle in 2012. Once again, I challenge you to employ a new New Year practice-focus on becoming a better you.

Here is an example of exactly what I mean: the most common resolution amongst women of all ages is the weight loss or exercise one. Gyms love this time of year because owners are able to lock you into pricey contract. Instead of wasting money, aim for healthier eating, and adding routes to work that require more walking. In essence, you will be staying true to your goal.  

We all know what we need to do to make ourselves more productive, focused or overall more happy. Instead of making hasty promises to yourself, take steps to make the changes you would like to see happen, and applaud yourself for slow and steady progress, as opposed to having to grapple with the feeling of self defeat that can often come with resolutions. Trust me, slow and steady is cheaper, and will definitely provide more results than giving up all together on your goal because you slipped.

And that relationship that has not worked for the past two years, will probably not be any different in this new year. Therefore, let that go to. It is but so much trying a person can do. Becoming a better you, means having to actually analyze yourself and find out what can be added or eliminated to reach your personal plateau of happiness. Cheers to you as you climb your way up the scale of progress.

Applaud yourself daily,
Tish-Author of the popular novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell Me What You Can't Do and I'll Show You What You Can

You all heard the story. I did sixteen years in prison, released my first novel, Heads or Tails? Geminis Don’t Choose, seven months after my release, repaired my credit in that same time, and recently I  purchased my first home. I called myself being strategic and purchasing a home that needs a considerable amount of work, with the goal of obtaining instant equity in order to purchase an additional property next year. The process has racked my nerves in every sense and I found myself chanting that foul, emotionally crippling word CAN’T. Yes, the same word I have encouraged all my readers to strike from their vocabulary. I have literally spat: I CAN’T fix this, I CAN’T do that, I CAN’T build this, I CAN’T afford that. Thankfully, the word has only been able to ease off my palate as opposed to infect my spirit. As quickly as it manages to come out is as quickly as I have picked up a tool I have affectionately named She-ra, after the powerful 80’s cartoon sibling of He-Man, and somehow found the ability to demolish and/or repair something new.

Consequently, like most things in life, my new headache has brought with it many good parallels. I have  strengthened bonds with old friends, family, and have been afforded the opportunity to make new ones, as well as, acquire lifelong skills. I am nowhere near finished with the repairs, and I am obsessed with and solely focused on this project. It always manages to put a smile on my face when I see the progress that has been made in such a short time. Finding the beauty in adversity and life’s challenges is the truth behind experience and growth. And let my words act as a repellant for all those who have allowed CAN'T to embed itself in their psyche and cripple and stagnate them from learning all the ways in which they CAN do things. 
Cheers to Success
Author of Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I receive emails from so many people who feel their own personal situations are dismal, and they do not know how to get their lives going in the direction they would like it. Sometimes when you are in a situation it's easy to see it as just being the way it is. I hope this blogs road trip analogy helps you to step out of the situation and view it as a variable, instead of a constant way of being. 

On a road trip you aiming to reach a specific destination and eventually you do, the same applies to life. You control where you are headed and where you end up.

While navigating life, you may stop at different locations; some you like and stay for a while, and possibly visit frequently, others you  leave and have no desire to return to. But each location provides you with the gift of different experiences, whether bad or a good. Detours, forks in the road, ditches are expected on a road trip, and can quickly knock you off course, by causing you to get stuck. Yet if you accept these minor setbacks as part of the journey, it becomes easier to recover from them.

Finally, everyone needs to rest or refuel while on a road trip, so find that one place or person in life that can act as your support when needed. Then get back on the road!

Cheers to Success, Skies the Limit
Author of Heads or Tails?Geminis Don't Choose