Monday, August 13, 2012


Time waits for no one, and those who make excuses get lost in the shuffle of life. One woman realized this in her quest to merely take care of her family. Noelle Hanerfeld- a true New Yorker born and bred, had a passion that life's challenges forced her to pull out from off of the back burner. Like so many people, Noelle was faced with the challenges of surviving in an economy where the job market was as scarce as her financial means. For so long Noelle allowed self doubt to plague her mind, and stand in the way of her success.

After what seemed to be endless job searches, and unfulfilling jobs, Noelle decided to follow her passion. She returned to school earning a culinary certification from Penn Foster University and went into business for herself, hence NHC Catering was born. Famous in NYC for her flavor packed empanadas, Noelle recognized her talent and learned the pitfalls and the pros of being an entrepreneur, all while putting her best foot forward, approaching challenges with an inner source of strength that so many women unknowingly possess.   

NHC Catering is a year old, and thriving, proof that a dollar and a dream really can go a long way. Follow Noelle's lead, invest that dollar in yourself, and bring your dreams to life.

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  1. It's never too late to utilize the talents you were blessed with, the only thing wasted is the time you'll have to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Excellent point Tish!!

  2. I LOVE THIS! By any means necessary, One must be determined not to fail. @ Noelle, keep reaching for the stars, the sky is the limit.