Monday, October 28, 2013

Be Apart of an Inspiring Network

Last year I returned to college after 13 years to pursue a degree in Communications. I have many things going on in my life:  the constant demands of book promoting, the final edit for the release of the next novel, and what feels like the never ending saga of home remodeling.  Due to these pressures, I am often frustrated and venting to those in my inner circle about the many challenges I am juggling. The interesting thing is after the venting stops, I noticed I quickly revert to solution mode. And this may have been the case by habit, but I just became in tuned with that part of my personality.

Subsequently, I am apart of a network of doers, and people who collectively step up to the friend challenge in times of need. A group who utilizes each others strengths, struggles and weaknesses as both points of references and inspiration.  After all, we often forget that inspiration manifests itself in various forms, and someones struggles can be equally as inspiring as someones progress can spark ones drive. The plain truth is I could not go into solution mode if I were filled with self- doubt and discouraging people in my ear. Hence the importance of  surrounding yourself with people that inspire you.  

Sit still and think about the life you are living and the path you are on, even if it seems narrow. A narrower path can only persuade more keener, and direct focus; a broader path, although, filled with many options can also deter you.  Answers to our dilemmas are always nearer than we imagine in the moment, and an inspiring network can help you through the many challenges and struggles that come along with the blessing of being alive. Be inspired, strive to be an inspiration, but most importantly, be true to yourself.

In Harmonious Spirit,
Author of the popular novel
Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose


  1. You are amazing! Thank you for this inspiring post. Much Love, Nik