Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Last year I encouraged you all to stay clear of resolutions, because not sticking to them can cause feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Those are not inspiring feelings to kick off any year with. This year I further encourage you to do the same, but with a added twist. The majority of people over indulge in their favorite foods and then search for ways to purify their bodies after the holidays. But what about attempts to rid our lives of impurities? 

With each new year that you see, begin to look at is as more than a festive event, challenge yourself to think of every oncoming year as a new beginning. There are things that can change, others that may take longer to change, and some that cannot. Therefore, alter what you can like unhealthy friendships, intimate relationships. If you do not like your job but are not in a position to leave it, make the best of it while looking for other employment. 

The first step to this new outlook is identifying a problem. How do you identify the problem? If there is something or someone that you often complain about? Are there character traits that you have that you are uncomfortable with? The problems in these scenarios are clearly the source of the complaints. 

Lastly, think of ways to purge these problems from your life, or at least manage them. People, unlike things, can be the hardest to remove yourself from. As humans, we get attached to good times spent, experiences shared, and overall connectedness. However, if there exists an unhealthy pattern, do not ignore it, purge that negative energy from your life. To all my givers out there, it is certainly alright to give selflessly, be it time, resources, energy. What is not alright is when your selflessness is accepted with a lack of appreciation. 

The moral of this blog, do not ignore in 2014 what you thought were the problems of 2013. To do so is in essence reliving a year passed, wasting the precious gift of time, and bringing on bad health. It is a scientific fact that stress brings on all types of health issues. Let's dodge those unhealthy things that we do have control over.   

In Oneness,
Tish-Author of the popular novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

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