Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year, Cheers to Emotional Health!

Happy New Year! I have been contemplating starting a blog for some time now.  My Tumblr blog promotes my novels. I wanted to do something reader centered, and thought provoking that all people can relate to regardless of gender or profession.  Most authors have blogs that offer writing tips and tools, highlight other authors or to showcase their talents for whatever they may be considered an expert in. I certainly do appreciate those types of blogs; however, I am a person before an author, and I am no expert in anything other than the details of my own life. Therefore, I polled my friends and supporters to see what they would be interested in reading and discussing. They almost unanimously choose topics dealing with overcoming adversity. Of course, that would be a topic that everyone could relate to since there is not a person alive who has not had to overcome something or the other. 

The suggestion of my supporters, encouraged me to analyze my own personal life story, and the stories of many that I know, and decided to dedicate this first post to sharing the personal tools that I have employed to overcome past mistakes, maintain focus and move forward into guiding my life in the direction that I need it to go in. Notice I said need, which varies greatly from a want.  

  • The  Past- Your Personal Tour Guide: Quite simple, you know what the outcome was from certain actions or behaviors; do not block those negative occurrences out when they come to mind, but do not dwell on them either. Remember whatever brought you to that place in your life, think about how it made you feel, and try to make different choices that will not lead you to a similar situation.
  •  Create a Personal Relationship With Yourself: On what may have been my life defining journey, I was forced to spend a lot of time alone, which gave way to introspective thinking. Looking inside yourself and learning what you really like and do not like, coming to terms with your fears and insecurities will lead to fruitful living. For example: most people want to be in an intimate relationship and look for certain types of partners, but end up settling for someone who may have two of the 10 qualities they would like. Do NOT settle. The only thing standing in your way is fear. In this case, it is the fear of being alone long enough until the right person comes along. As long as you have the gift of life, you should always strive for what you truly think you deserve in life. Fear often attacks our inner being, coupled with negative people and surroundings it can be crippling. Fend off fear by being honest and true to yourself!
  • Do or Say At Least One Positive Thing a Day:  It is important to replace negative words and thoughts with positive ones. I am what I think. I can say something or portray a certain image, but my hidden thoughts define who I really am. If you want to be a better person, try a better way of thinking. 
  • Validate Yourself: It is nice to be complimented or praised by others, but what feels even nicer is your appreciation for yourself. Do not wait for that pat on the back from you boss, significant other or friend if you know you performed well at something, pat yourself on the back. Just as quickly as someone can make you feel good, they can make you feel worse. Embrace all your qualities so that you can refute the words and actions of those who may try to stop your joy. 

See you next week. I look forward to your comments. Here's to being productive,

Author of Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose


  1. So true! People don't realize the importance of speaking what you want into existance. Likewise how they are responsible for the continued flow of negativity in their own lives. I look forward to your jewels of wisdom weekly!

  2. Creating a personal relationship with yourself is so true and unfortunately I didn't allow myself to do that until I had no other choice. That choice being if I did let myself understand who I am and what I want I probably wouldn't have wound up where I did, but then again would I have wound up where I am today with a beautiful two year old lil boy and a man that loves me till no end.
    I think I am liking this!!! Can't wait for next week!!! :)

  3. I have to say. this is the one area I really need to work on most...I am there for everyone I care about and when I sit down and all is quiet, I rarely do anything just for me, I end up planning and coordinating for someone else. Maybe this will be a true resolution to keep. Looking forward to next week.