Sunday, January 8, 2012

So You Deviated From Your New Year's Resolution, Now What?

We are guilty, that’s right, every one of us who make New Year's resolutions time and time again, and before the end of the first week of the new year, break at least two. Doing so often causes us to lapse back into the predictable behaviors or circumstances we said we were going to change. There is a level of comfort in behaviors we want to change that’s why it is so easy to return to them.
 Here’s a trick, once you break the resolution, ask yourself why, and address the answer. For example: I ate that piece of chocolate because I was bored in the house. The underlining problem is boredom, if you know that you eat when you are home alone, try to find something to keep you busy like exercising or go window shopping. Just because you break the resolution that's no excuse to remain stuck. If you are the type of person that lays on the ground for a long time when you fall, do something different, roll over on your side the next time you fall. If you are the type that falls and jumps right back up due to embarrassment, the next time get up slowly and dust yourself off with pride.
No one is perfect but understanding that we are flawed, recognizing those flaws and taking SMALL strides to correct those flaws, is more important than trying to make them go away in a season.
See you next week! Until then keep striving for a better you.




  1. To Understand is to ... be alive

  2. Haha good blog. I personally dont make resolutions, not b/c i break them. I just have too many things to choose from. So much is there for me to change so i take a slow and steady pace and make changes all yr around.

  3. I Love It, Sis.... I only set one, and that was to be Happy. Haven't broken it yet.

  4. Mine is to stay positive and that's what I do.