Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Art of Life-Go Ahead, Expose Yourself

On Friday, March 23rd I had the pleasure of hearing the renowned social and political activist Professor Angela Davis speak for the first time ever.  Yes- the Black Power chanting, Afro donning powerhouse who became the prolific voice of African American women, who teased and picked their hair to imitate Davis' signature, and one of the most influential figures in the era of revolution.  To say that I was awe struck would be an understatement.  Her words are even more captivating, and thought provoking in person, as they are on the many YouTube videos that I have ever listened to. 

Consequently, her speech provoked a side thought, you do not have to agree with someone’s politics or ideologies or writing in order to respect their words. I have received similar reactions from people who do not normally read erotic fiction. They have admitted their prejudices regarding the erotic genre before reading my novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don’t Choose, but stated they liked how my story line is comprised. What I am leading up to is the importance of being open minded, and exposing yourself to different cultures, activities, styles of music, writing, and even politics. Begin to view life as a mosaic, and you only have one chance to create your masterpiece.  Pulling pieces from here and there and watching it develop, can only be fruitful and fulfilling. The demand of well roundness is having a bit of diverse knowledge. I so do enjoy being able to have conversations with writers of all genres, and feel comfortable in a room full of strangers, because I know when a conversation arises, there will be at least one thing that we will share a common knowledge of. 

Angela Davis, an admitted Communist, is respected amongst people of all political affiliations, classes and genders.  She has traveled the world and touched the lives of scores of people of all races just by being true to her convictions. Her name is threaded in the fabric of American identity politics-a mosiac that will forever prompt critical conversations, that bring out strong opinions, that will lead to strong debates or gracious handshakes. Now ask yourself, what does your mosaic look like?  

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