Sunday, April 15, 2012


Everyday, I try to do something toward strengthening my talent and my business, from practicing time management or reviewing different writing techniques, or simply looking for more income producing opportunities. Whenever I research one thing, I have the tendency to stumble upon opportunities that may be beneficial for other aspiring authors and entrepreneurs.  Most of the time, those opportunities may be totally unrelated to what I was initially searching for, but prove to be equally as beneficial. I quickly share those resources.

Recently, I stumbled across a grant opportunity that could help aspiring business owners. I reached out to at least 10 people, and can count on one hand those who actually tried to to take advantage of the opportunity. This wasn't the first time, but what I am learning is some people like to dream out loud, but do not want to put in the work to turn those dreams into a reality. I have tried guiding folks through certain processes from book publishing, to character development, and finding investors for other projects. Usually it ends with me getting frustrated. So here is my advice to all ambitious persons with a sharing nature-- take heed, do NOT become a hand holder. Hand holding should only apply to children who need to have every step explained to them. Do not feel guilty when you try to help someone and it is to no avail. And do not let anyone make you feel like you are obligated to do things for them under any circumstances. Most importantly, do not let another fear of success or procrastination make you bitter to the point where you stop being the sharing individual you truly are. It's all about boundaries and limits. Dreams and goals are meant to be chased. What good is wishing on a star if your wish comes true and you do not know what to do when you get it?

Author of Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose 


  1. Thank You! i have to stop holding"my" hand!

  2. Very true. You cant become everyones enabler. All you can do is continue to put your advice out there and whomever bites will succeed. The rest are just lazy fish chomping at the bits and like u say, "dont want to do the work." Continue to be true to you and othrs will follow.