Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Difference Do You Make?

I work hard to provide a better life for myself. I promote my novel,  Heads or Tails? Geminis Don’t Choose, to maintain book sales. I try to be good to my body, falling short when chocolate and potato chips are near, and I have a hopeless shoe fetish. And I certainly support those that I care about.  But do you notice a pattern? Do you see how easy it is to discuss I, thanks to good ole self-gratification? How many of us are equally concerned with them or they?  

My life took a way different turn than I had imagined it would in my teens. Our teenage years are filled with the fight for autonomy, and unknowingly represent the period of heightened selfishness, and big dreams.  As adults we focus on how to maintain ourselves and our families, and may not be as conscious about the broad world beyond our inner circles, communities and comfort zones?

Now I will burden you the reader with a challenge.  Take a second to think about the difference you make in the lives of others who are relatively close to you for a second. Okay, now think about the difference you make in the world as a whole.  Are you apart of any groups? Do you do any volunteer work? Do you donate money, time, research or provide any other service anywhere that positively impacts society at large? 

It is okay if you realize that you have been selfish after reading this. Most importantly, I hope you become compelled to do just a little bit more for someone else.

In Love and Good Spirits,
Author of Heads or Tails?Geminis Don't Choose


  1. Wow, I see how it is easy to get caught up in the "I" at all times, however it does matter if with the "I" you are actually in the "Them, They, Us or We."

    I attend church yet am not in the choir because I feel I don't want to be int he spotlight instead of seeing it as my way of serving the Lord in showing him I appreciate the talent He gave, instead "I" sing at home.

    I usually visit my sister and help out with her around the house since she is on oxygen; thanks to 911. I was helping other more on the "inside" than I am on the outside and that's not rational. I have more avenues to venture into and yet I stay STAGNANT! At times I see that there are some people I do reach out to and not even know them on the train, I give my seat to the elderly, pregnant and disabled--no matter how comfortable I am sitting. I do try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me...It's the way of the world.

    After all--Karma is a bitch when it comes back tenfold.

  2. This was a powerful post. You gave me much to think about Tish. I have to get beyond my physical limitations and get stuff done

  3. I try to reciprocate Tish, even when I dont have it inside of me. Life must be based on the idea of a circle. because what you give out inevitably comes back.Powerful challenge...have to sit back and think about it

  4. So true, everyone complains but rarely are willing to be part of the solution because "it's too much work".