Monday, August 27, 2012

Success Series Finale-Kimberly Seabrook

The success series is coming to a close. It began with the Measure of Success, where I challenged people to focus less on using the success of others as paradigms, and focus more on appreciating their personal triumphs. That redirection of energy will hopefully act as a catalyst to help folks reprogram their minds to into understanding the notion of success is not only equivoque to money. The object of this final entry will hopefully open everyone's eyes a little wider to my concept of personal success. 

Kimberly Seabrook single mother, domestic violence survivor, former drug user and molestation survivor is indeed a success story. By overcoming the same challenges that have left many dead,  emotionally crippled, living in shame, and unable to regain control of their lives, she embodies the strength and determination of a hero at war, who even in captivity, maintains their staunch demeanor refusing to allow their minds succumb to victimization of their flesh. Her experiences are the platform for the poetry she seems to write effortlessly, such as the powerfully raw Where is She Going?, or her dare to dream quest Yes I Want More. Kimberly turned her melancholy truths into a a question I am certain we all have chanted at some point in our lives- God Where Are You? In addition, her work has been featured in the same popular online magazine which she has been a contributing writer and interviewer for The Machine Network.

Not only is Kimberly a poet, but she is also known for getting the party started. Her outgoing personality, love of music, no nonsense attitude, and attractive dark features  has landed her opportunities on internet radio shows such as  The Skenny Kravitz Show (Ustream), and lead her to host various venues throughout the New York and Atlanta areas.  Currently she is the host of The Ladies Room, which has been around since 1996. The addition of Kim "Good Look" Seabrook, as she is affectionately called,  has enhanced the shows visibility, as she aims to bring you what you want, and everything you need to get your groove in sync, while showcasing music artists you might not otherwise hear on commercial radio.

Just when you thought her talent stops there, Kimberly has a popular t-shirt adorning the chests of everyone to working moms, to entrepreneurs, baring the befitting logo, Paid By The Hustle Not By The Hour. The logo doubles as the mantra of hard working individuals from all walks of life, chasing their dreams, and putting their talent to work. 

I truly hope the will and determination of women like Kimberly Seabrook, Noelle Hanerfeld and Bertha Aracil resonates with you the reader. I hope the way they have utilized their talents to overcome adversity, and pave a way for themselves and others will inspire you to do the same. Wanting something that someone else has can be a driving force, but appreciating your ability to obtain what you already have and what you have already accomplished in this one shot deal called life in my opinion is being successful.

To learn more about Kimberly, or for bookings and to order your official Paid By the Hustle...tee, you can hit her up on Facebook or via email at Until the next time,

Cheers to Success,


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