Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recipe for Success

     I have dedicated a series of blogs to the idea of success, in hopes of expanding people’s minds about personal success being obtainable, and should not be narrowly attributed to fame and fortune. This week I decided to give my dedicated readers a gift, the gift of insight and my personal recipe for success. People write books on this type of thing, and conduct pricey seminars, but I am offering you my recipe, along with, all the necessary ingredients for free. 

Here are the ingredients:
#1-Idea: You have to thoroughly think of what it is you want to accomplish, and all that goal may encompass.  For instance: I wanted to publish a novel. That was my idea, then I thought about everything that comes with it from manuscript editing, to publishing, cover design etc.  

#2-Research:After laying the mental foundation you have to do extensive research. Read everything on what you want to do. Thanks to the internet information is a click away.

#3-Plan:Develop a strategy to accomplish this goal. Your research, if effective, will make your plan that much easier. It will help you locate who can help,  how, and what resources may be needed.  

#4-Implement: Then you will be prepared to put your plan into action.

    Careful preparation is all you need to accomplish anything in life, from owning a business, to reaching any other goal you have been pondering. Stop standing in your own way, there is no such thing as impossible.

Cheers to Success,
Author of the popular novel Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

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