Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell Me What You Can't Do and I'll Show You What You Can

You all heard the story. I did sixteen years in prison, released my first novel, Heads or Tails? Geminis Don’t Choose, seven months after my release, repaired my credit in that same time, and recently I  purchased my first home. I called myself being strategic and purchasing a home that needs a considerable amount of work, with the goal of obtaining instant equity in order to purchase an additional property next year. The process has racked my nerves in every sense and I found myself chanting that foul, emotionally crippling word CAN’T. Yes, the same word I have encouraged all my readers to strike from their vocabulary. I have literally spat: I CAN’T fix this, I CAN’T do that, I CAN’T build this, I CAN’T afford that. Thankfully, the word has only been able to ease off my palate as opposed to infect my spirit. As quickly as it manages to come out is as quickly as I have picked up a tool I have affectionately named She-ra, after the powerful 80’s cartoon sibling of He-Man, and somehow found the ability to demolish and/or repair something new.

Consequently, like most things in life, my new headache has brought with it many good parallels. I have  strengthened bonds with old friends, family, and have been afforded the opportunity to make new ones, as well as, acquire lifelong skills. I am nowhere near finished with the repairs, and I am obsessed with and solely focused on this project. It always manages to put a smile on my face when I see the progress that has been made in such a short time. Finding the beauty in adversity and life’s challenges is the truth behind experience and growth. And let my words act as a repellant for all those who have allowed CAN'T to embed itself in their psyche and cripple and stagnate them from learning all the ways in which they CAN do things. 
Cheers to Success
Author of Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose


  1. As always I am truly inspired by TRUE/POSITIVE words of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Tish for your words of wisdom& encouragement. Blessings will follow. Where their is darkness, We must shine our light. Best,ysp