Sunday, September 30, 2012


I receive emails from so many people who feel their own personal situations are dismal, and they do not know how to get their lives going in the direction they would like it. Sometimes when you are in a situation it's easy to see it as just being the way it is. I hope this blogs road trip analogy helps you to step out of the situation and view it as a variable, instead of a constant way of being. 

On a road trip you aiming to reach a specific destination and eventually you do, the same applies to life. You control where you are headed and where you end up.

While navigating life, you may stop at different locations; some you like and stay for a while, and possibly visit frequently, others you  leave and have no desire to return to. But each location provides you with the gift of different experiences, whether bad or a good. Detours, forks in the road, ditches are expected on a road trip, and can quickly knock you off course, by causing you to get stuck. Yet if you accept these minor setbacks as part of the journey, it becomes easier to recover from them.

Finally, everyone needs to rest or refuel while on a road trip, so find that one place or person in life that can act as your support when needed. Then get back on the road!

Cheers to Success, Skies the Limit
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  1. I know that for me I have to reflect back on where I just left & concentrate on where I want to go. it's not always easy, yet I know that I have came a long way.