Monday, January 16, 2012

NO EXCUSES IN 2012!!!!

I need not tell you that we are in tough economic times.  The unemployment rate is high, along with,  the woes of many people living in this country. Since we are not the lawmakers, and have minimal influence in the political scheme of things, do what you do best, and I do mean that literally.
Tap into your talents to get income producing results. If you can draw, write, cook, take photos, sing dance, act, or are even good with children, there are opportunities for business implementation that you are probably just letting pass you buy, due to ignorance. Do not be offended by my choice of words, ignorance just means a lack of knowledge. In this context it means you lack the knowledge in how to turn a hobby or talent into a business model. 

Now you are saying, it takes money to start a business. Although capitol is very much a necessity, research and planning should replace it as the top necessity.  We are living in a time when information is virtually effortlessly in our reach. There are grant opportunities, government funding for this or that endeavor. You just have to be willing to dedicate time to finding the information and resources, and then put them to work for you.  Utilize the full extent of social media. There are literally hundreds of social media networks outside of Facebook, where you can learn from people all over the world. One group that I am a part of is called Books and Writers on Linkendin. I did not know Linkendin had subgroups, but curiosity led me to the finding. 

The next set of steps to worry about are budgeting and saving. People hear the word SAVE and act like it’s impossible. Even on the most modest income, five to $10 dollars will add up in the long run. 

Since I am very much human, I get impatient with people that have great ideas, who are always willing to share those ideas, but do more talking about them instead of learning how to make them a reality. The same applies to people that complain about their jobs, but are not trying to turn their situation around. Most opportunities are not handed out, they are created. They also involve an abundant amount of sacrifice. It defeats the purpose to have a goal, know that you will need some sort of capitol in the long run, and yet squander away money on non-essentials.  So what are you waiting for? Start googling, talking to people in your networks. All it takes is time, and keep in mind, the ingredients to the potluck of success are: Planning, researching budgeting, saving and doing.

Cheers to You Success!