Monday, February 20, 2012


There have been many celebrity deaths over the course of a few months. People from around the world mourn the deaths of celebrities often equally, and for some, more than, they do for those they share blood ties with. The most recent example of a mass outcry of pain and sorrow came by way of the loss of R&B superstar Whitney Houston. For all you 80's and 90's babies who watched her at the peak of her stardom, there are a slew of classics with Whitney's one of a kind voice that leave many memories to revel in, via the legacy of songs and videos that once dominated billboard charts and television screens.

We watched as strangers joined together seeking solace in unity and in song, sharing their recollections of which Whitney hit inspired them, got them through rough times, or simply made them smile. People who usually run around on the weekend, were glued to their flat screens watching the funeral of a stranger who managed to touch their lives. My question is, why does it take the death of anyone for us all to recognize the gifts of the many lives that surround us on a daily basis?

Collectively, we are victims of life's daily hustles. There are bills to be paid so rushing to work is as normal as going to sleep exhausted because of it. Parenthood entails a dichotomous hustle, the hustle to work and provide for your entire family; in addition, to stealing whatever amount of time remains after work to nurture the minds and souls of the children. Then there's the hustle of students working hard to secure a future they are uncertain of, as well as, the all too common hustle of the person out of work assiduously job hunting.

In the midst of the "life's hustle" we often forget to make time to tell those we care for how much we appreciate them until a tragedy strikes. I challenge all my readers not to wait for tragedy, or death to be the instigators of words that should become apart of our daily norms. Notice I said OUR, I too fall victim to allowing time and the hustle to get the best of me, fatiguing me to the point where another day gets added on to the two in which I did not return that missed call from a loved one. Therefore, right here, right now let us all make a pledge:

I pledge to make the time to tell those I care about how special they are to me much more often. I also pledge to try harder to look for the good in others, when the bad is more noticeable. If you have taken this pledge and are committed to standing by it, note your pledge in the comments section

Wishing You All A Healthy Spirit,
Author of Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose

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